“Pride is the antidote to shame”

…THIS. While listening to the Additude’s podcast about ADHD, shame, and stigma, Dr. Dodson said this and I almost cried. Objectively speaking: I am not a shitty person, stupid, or lazy. I work a full-time job, go to classes full-time at night, have an internship that I love, and work on being fully present, loving, […]

I’m pushing 40 and just got diagnosed with ADHD… now what? Start a blog, of course!

So, first things first, my apologies for any wonkiness of this site. I’ve never really done this before and I’ll be learning as I go with this whole thing. Okay, why am I doing this? I’m a 37 year old mom, worker, student, etc. and I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD. AND I’M FRICKING THRILLED ABOUT […]