Yesterday, I was forced to recognize two different ways ADHD presents for me.

First is, of course, forgetting tasks. Over the weekend, my mother asked me to do something. I agreed. I forgot because I didn’t write it down. My mother got annoyed.

Second is losing my train of thought, mid-sentence. I’ll have a grain of the idea I want to explore verbally and I get halfway through it, and I forget where I’m going with it. It happened three times yesterday as I facilitated a group therapy session on the topic of, you guessed it: forgiveness. And I saw the annoyance of my co-therapist flicker across her face.

And so today, I’m all: FUCK THAT. This is how my brain works. I’m doing my best to prevent these issues but I’m not flipping perfect. I’m doing my dang best.

I forgive my brain for flitting around. Brain’s gonna flit. Now… on to get that paper done that’s due tonight.

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