Where do I start?

The first week after the ADHD diagnosis was a revelation… I watched the incredible How to ADHD station on YouTube, I started keeping my planner more actively by writing down exactly what I wanted to get done and when as the thought occurred to me, and I felt realllly good.

But then, of course, the novelty wore off. And now I find myself actively avoiding looking at my planner despite having serious deadlines this week. So I know I have tons of stuff to do but I’m struggling to be able to prioritize and get anything started.

I guess the first step is… take out that planner and write it all down. Focus on my thoughts. And be kind to myself. Because the mean thoughts are still there and giving me a stomachache of anxiety. The annoying part is when it gets past the point of specific thoughts and I just wake up with a vague sense of dread that all the balls that I’m trying to keep up in the air come crashing down.

But no… open that planner. Anyone else deal with this?

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